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This is much more than giving kicks and punches

Courses for 4-6 years old

Karate for this age group is presented in the form of games. They will develop their personal skills and participate in different exercises. Discipline is present and they must learn to share space with other children. They will learn to respect others, develop confidence and determination, and above all develop fine motor skills. There is no confrontation or fighting between children - this is a positive environment.

Courses for 7-12 years old / also separated by levels

You will learn about listening, concentration, patience, and how to listen to directions, all while growing quietly, safely, and with great respect among students and teachers. Over time you will develop patience, concentration, and better control of anxiety.

Courses parent-child and adult

Parent-Child Karate is very popular. To see father, mother, daughter, and son practicing together is a strong, rewarding feeling. We will practice basic techniques and work our way to the most advanced self-defense for both women and men.

In each course there is a fitness part which includes stretching and preparing for Karate and self-defense courses. Please remember safety first - we must prepare everyone safely as we are not an aerobic class.

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