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Yoshinao Nanbu is the founder of Sankukai. He comes from a very involved martial arts family and started martial arts at a very young age. He later went on to practice Shito-ryu (Shukokai) with Mr. Tani at the University in Osaka, and quickly became an elite champion. He then began to promote in Europe with the assistance of Mr. Tsukada, and created the Sankukai Karate (around 1970). His new passion is Nanbudo.

In Canada, Maxime Mazaltarim met Yoshinao Nanbu and represented him. Maxime Mazaltarim did the promotion of Sankukai Karate for several years in many different ways with some demonstrations with his top students always present with him. He was President of the Quebec Karate Federation and was also very involved in the martial arts. His new passion is Seikido.

In our beautiful province of Quebec, Jean-Pierre Trahan practiced Judo. Then he was invited by a friend to do a Karate lesson and enjoyed it immediately. He started practicing Karate Sankukai (1970-1971) during the transition from Shukokai to Sankukai. He practiced Karate for several years regularly with Mr. Mazaltarim and completed internships with Mr. Nanbu. He started teaching in Vaudreuil (1976-1977). He continued to develop our school following the first direction of Karate Sankukai and now bears the name Sankukan Karate self-defense offers in Vaudreuil-Dorion, St-Lazare, Pincourt, closely working with schools and recreation services in the region. We also still have students and instructors who have been here from the very beginning with Mr. J.P. Trahan.

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